How you can help Kasanka

Kasanka trust relies entirely on donor funding and income received through tourism to run and manage the project.

You can help us in the following ways:

Visit the Park

Along with funding received through donor support, Kasanka relies heavily on revenue gained through tourism to support the Park.

All tourism revenue received from visitors to Kasanka goes directly towards the cost of conserving wildlife and assisting the local community..


Give of your time

Get involved at Kasanka


The Role of The Kasanka Trust

The Kasanka Trust is a non-profit charitable institution responsible for the park management, community development and tourism of Kasanka National Park.

With your help, we aim to help Kasanka in the following ways:

Protect and Preserve

Protect wildlife within the national park and preserve its flora and fauna

Maintain and Rebuild

Make the park self-sustaining through the development of infrastructure

Research and Educate

Promote education and research in wildlife conservation

Develop and Support

Support rural development schemes in communities living adjacent to the national park

Our History


Kasanka Discovered

British expatriate David Lloyd, and local farmer Gary Williams visit Kasanka and vow to develop and protect the park


Kasanka Trust is Established

The Kasanka Trust is registered in Zambia (1987) and in the UK (1989)


Management of Kasanka Park

National Parks and Wildlife Services hand over management of Kasanka Park to Kasanka Trust


Founder Awarded

Kasanka founder David Lloyd awarded an OBE medal in the Queens Jubilee


Park Management Contract is extended

ZAWA takes over from NPWS and grants exclusive park managment rights to the Trust


BBC films the bat migration

BBC film crew arrives at Kasanka to film the annual bat migration


World Bank provides funding

With help from the World Bank, Kasanka Trust is given funding to help restore Lavushi Manda National Park


Wildman Safaris takes over marketing

Kasanka Trust grants exclusive marketing and reservations contract to Wildman Safaris