How you can help Kasanka

Kasanka trust relies entirely on donor funding and income received through tourism to run and manage the project.

You can help us in the following ways:

Visit one of the Parks

Along with funding received through donor support, Kasanka relies heavily on revenue gained through tourism to support the Parks.

All tourism revenue received from visitors to Kasanka and Lavushi Manda goes directly towards the cost of conserving wildlife and assisting the local community..

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Give of your time

Get involved at Kasanka

The Role of The Kasanka Trust

The Kasanka Trust is a non-profit charitable institution responsible for the Park management, community development and tourism of Kasanka National Park, Lavushi Manda National Park and Shoebill Island Camp in the Bangweulu Wetlands.

With your help, we aim to help Kasanka, Lavushi and Shoebill Island in the following ways:

kasanka trust aims and objectives

Protect and Preserve

Protect wildlife within the national parks and preserve their flora and fauna

kasanka trust aims and objectives

Maintain and Rebuild

Make the parks self-sustaining through the development of infrastructure

kasanka trust aims and objectives

Research and Educate

Promote education and research in wildlife conservation

kasanka trust aims and objectives

Develop and Support

Support rural development schemes in communities living adjacent to the national parks

Our History


Kasanka Discovered

British expatriate David Lloyd visits Kasanka and vows to develop and protect the park


Kasanka Trust is Established

The Kasanka Trust is registered in Zambia (1987) and in the UK (1989)


Management of Kasanka Park

National Parks and Wildlife Services hand over management of Kasanka Park to Kasanka Trust


Founder Awarded

Kasanka founder David Lloyd awarded an OBE medal in the Queens Jubilee


Park Management Contract is extended

ZAWA takes over from NPWS and grants exclusive park managment rights to the Trust


BBC films the bat migration

BBC film crew arrives at Kasanka to film the annual bat migration


World Bank provides funding

With help from the World Bank, Kasanka Trust is given funding to help restore Lavushi Manda National Park


Wildman Safaris takes over marketing

Kasanka Trust grants exclusive marketing and reservations contract to Wildman Safaris

Our Team

Dion Scott

Dion Scott

General Manager, Kasanka & Lavushi Manda National Parks

Dion is a New Zealander who joined the Kasanka team in December 2015 as General Manager. Dion studied Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has worked for the past ten years in Australia undertaking park planning, design and park management. Dion is driving the Kasanka vision forward and enjoys working with the excellent team of local staff at Kasanka and Lavushi Manda National Parks.

Tigger Scott

Tigger Scott

Fundraising Coordinator

Tigger originally hails from London and together with husband Dion, joined the Kasanka Trust in December 2015. Tigger has an MSc in Development Studies from London University and prior to coming to Kasanka was working for Save the Children Australia. She has travelled extensively in Africa, including time spent working in Senegal and previously lived in the Luangwa Valley where she worked for Robin Pope Safaris. Tigger has taken up the position of Fundraising Coordinator for the Kasanka Trust.

Harry Twigg

Harry Twigg

Tourism & IT Manager, Kasanka & Lavushi Manda National Parks

Harry is from Kent, England and became part of the Kasanka team in March 2016. In his early 20s Harry worked for a firm of chartered surveyors managing client property assets and utility sector development projects. He then re-trained with an IT focused degree in London and did some phone app development before moving on to become a web and graphic designer / consultant. When an opportunity to step back from the computer presented itself in 2015, Harry moved out to Zambia to manage a lodge on Lake Tanganyika getting a “crash-course” from first hand experience in the constraints and opportunities for tourism in rural Zambia.

Fred Mbulwe

Fred Mbulwe

Park Manager, Lavushi Manda National Park

Fred has had a long and interesting career working in teaching, policy and conservation in both Africa and in the UK. Fred has worked with the Kasanka Trust for several years, starting out as the community relations officer at the Kasanka Conservation Centre. He is now the park manager at Lavushi Manda and has worked tirelessly since 2011 to build up the park’s infrastructure. Fred grows native plant species in his garden at the park gate and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Bangweulu Wetlands.

Silishebo Kaumba

Silishebo Kaumba

Financial Administrator

Silishebo’s family live in Lusaka; he has 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Silishebo has over 25 years of experience in the government and private sectors in Zambia as an administrator, accountant and assistant auditor. Silishebo joined the Kasanka Trust in September 2015, as the Financial Administrator. Silishebo is in his 4th and final year of studying for his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting through distance learning with the University of Lusaka.

Jonathan Yamba

Jonathan Yamba

Community Outreach Officer

Jonathan is KTL’s Community Outreach Officer and has been with the Trust for five years.  Jonathan is based at the Kasanka Conservation Centre, 1 km from the park gate.  He is responsible for organising conservation clubs in local schools, selecting students for sponsorship, liasing with donors and overseeing the Kasanka School, as well as working closely with the community to implement health and development programs.  Jonathan is originally from Mansa near Lake Bangweulu and has unparalleled knowledge of the area and its people.