Board Members

ADAM POPE - Chairman

Adam Pope grew up in Zambia (then Northern Rhodesia). He went to school in Zambia and later in Zimbabwe. He and his three brothers enjoyed innumerable family visits to Zambia’s newly established National Parks, driving over rough roads for days. This built a lasting interest in wild places and conservation in all four boys. Adam studied (ironically for one from a land locked country) Marine Zoology at Cape Town and in the absence of marine science opportunities in the early 1970s, and turning down an offer in animal biology at the UCT Groote Schuur Medical School, completed an MPhil in integrated land resources survey at Reading University in the United Kingdom. He returned to Zambia in 1977 to join a consulting team undertaking a nation-wide natural resource assessment. One thing led to another and he found himself at a senior level in an engineering consultancy company and was obliged to become a chartered civil engineer – which he did by distance learning through the Institution of Civil Engineers.
Adam has since used his polyglot skills in rotation: managing engineering design and manufacturing companies; managing a WWF wetlands project on the Kafue Flats and in Bangweulu Wetlands; 5 years acting as a multi-sector adviser to government on EU-assistance projects; then joining a regional management consulting practice. Adam now consults in the roads, tourism and the environmental sectors.
It was through a World Bank-funded management consultancy for the Kasanka Trust that Adam became involved with its work. After he made a loose statement that consultants rarely get the chance to implement their recommendations, he was voted onto the Kasanka Trust Board!



Jean-Michel was born in Senegal and grew up in Mali.  After a few years as a road construction manager in Mali and a period of study in the USA, he joined the World Bank as an environment specialist. At the beginning of his World Bank career he managed the biodiversity conservation portfolio for West, Central and Southern Africa, including Zambia between 2004 and 2012. Jean-Michel is now the Natural Resources and Environment Management Coordinator for the World Bank Vientiane in Lao PDR.  He divides his time between Laos and Zambia, where he has a small game ranch.  Jean-Michel is a member of the Zambian Wildlife Producer Association.




Chill was born in Zambia and educated in Canada.  She has recently returned to live in Lusaka with her family, after spending many years working in South Korea.  She now works for the Cavmont Bank as Head of Communications and Customer Service. Chill is an extremely enthusiastic member of the Board and, together with Peter, has been key in organising the first annual Kasanka Winter Fashion show, which is due to take place in Lusaka in July 2016!




EDMUND FARMER - Board Member




KIM FARMER - Board Member

Kim Farmer arrived in Serenje, Zambia in 1996, as a health volunteer from Australia. 20 years later, Kim’s still in Zambia, and has been involved in a variety of work including 10 years at Kasanka National Park where she participated in all aspects of park management including managing the tourism product, initiating the Kafinda Education Project and overseeing the construction of Chalilo Clinic. She currently lives in Lusaka, sharing her time between tourism and community driven health projects.




PETER FROST - Board Member

Peter is the CEO of Associated Printers, Lusaka.  Peter has a long-standing family connection to the Kasanka Trust – his father was great friends with KTL founder, David Lloyd.  Peter has a strong interest in Zambian conservation and has a small herd of impala and a growing family of bushbuck on his farm.






Kalongo Chitengi is the Self Help Africa country director for Zambia. A Zambian citizen, the first woman to take the role of director of an African country programme within the Self Help Africa group. She has previously been deployed in the private sector, state enterprises and nongovernmental organisations at senior management level. She has also worked extensively on environmental, community development, and infrastructure development programmes with government, donors, the private sector and; rural communities. Kalongo worked as consultant for several years on regional and inter regional assignments across southern and west Africa in the field of community led development and environmental management. Kalongo has played a leading role in policy formulation work for the Government of Zambia and was a founder member of the pioneering pressure group that lobbied the government for deliberate government policy on the provision of low cost housing. Her paper on use of indigenous building materials as an approach to low cost housing that was adopted in the National Housing Action Plan and is co-author of Zambia’s National Housing Policy and a contributor to the 1996 Istanbul Habitat conference Zambia paper that was awarded the Scroll of Honour. Kalongo holds Bachelor of Science degree in Building Economics, from the Copperbelt University, a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Liverpool and a LEAD Fellow (leadership for environment and development) for sustainable development. A former Rotary student to the United States and a Rotarian for many years, she sits on several Boards and Trusts.