Administrative Building at Kasanka

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This tiny office, located at Wasa Lodge in Kasanka National Park, is the headquarters of both Kasanka and Lavushi Manda National Parks. This is where all the decisions about how the parks are managed, planned and run are made. The current building is made of mud brick and is 25 years old. The batteries which store Kasanka’s solar energy are located in the office, and there is just about room for three desks. There is no secure storage space or ablution facility, nowhere to have a private conversation and the thatched roof is beginning to leak, in addition to being devoured by bora beetles (note the plastic canopies above the desks to protect computers)! Replacing this building with a purpose-built, four-room block which can house the safe and batteries and provide a much-needed meeting room as well as storage, is one of the Kasanka’s Trust’s main goals for the coming year.
Please help us to transform this facility into something worthy of supporting two incredible Zambian national parks.

What is our plan

  • To rebuild the control room
  • To replace the existing office furniture

How can your donation help

  •  $50 will buy 1 new office chair to replace the current hard wooden ones
  • $100 will pay for 1 new desk with drawers
  • $1,000 will pay for labour and materials
  • $6,000 will pay for the whole project