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Thank you for your kind and generous donations towards our snared zebra! With your donated funds we brought the vet up from Lusaka. We tried to get close to the zebra for 3 days. We first approached by vehicle, and got within 70m when we needed to be within 50m. Then we tried by foot, which failed dismally. We even tried guiding the zebra towards the vet who lay in wait in the long grass, but the zebra were too clever for us! After many disheartening attempts the vet had to take his leave, without getting within range to dart the animals. It seems that without a helicopter we cannot hope to get close enough to our zebra without them running for cover. We will continue to monitor them, and if the funds become available, we will try again by helicopter.


Two snared zebra have been found at Kasanka – a female and a foal. The female has the snare around her neck and it’s looking really bad – she has been monitored but it isn’t getting any better. The foal has the snare around its leg and is limping but with the long grass, it’s hard to get a good look at the leg. These zebra  are part of a very small population that was re-introduced to Kasanka.

The Kasanka Trust is urgently seeking your assistance to raise funds to fly a vet from Lusaka into the park to dart and treat the animals.  Your donation will help to cover transport and medicinal costs.

Please make an urgent donation to help us to save these two zebra – there is still time, if we act now!

*Please make sure you complete the donation process on the paypal page you are directed to after completing the donation form here. Once finished on paypal allow it to redirect you back to to ensure payment confirmation.


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