Build our bridges

Find out how you can support this campaign below

Many of the existing bridges in the park are wooden pole bridges. They deteriorate rapidly and are also susceptible to vandalism (poachers often burn bridges to make them impassable to anti-poaching patrols).

If you donate $150 or more to our Build Bridges fund, your name will be immortalised forever in stone.  We will create a plaque to reflect the generous donations of our sponsors which will be erected next to the bridge you have contributed to building at Kasanka National Park.

What we need

  • New concrete bridges to replace the old and broken wooden bridges – this will assist hugely with law enforcement and fire fighting

How your donation will help

  • $10 will buy one bag of cement
  • $150 will pay for a team of five building contractors for a week
  • $200 will enable us to purchase materials for building essential culverts
  • $5000 will pay for one bridge to be built in its entirety