Support the Community

Find out how you can support this campaign below

Any contribution to this project will directly impact the local community. Monthly donations to this area of our work will be most effective, enabling us to plan ahead and allowing KTL to continue the vital programs we carry out in schools and villages adjacent to Kasanka National Park.

What is the plan

We aim to implement programs which diversify local income sources so that people do not rely on bushmeat as a source of income or for protein.

How will your donation help

  • $50 will pay for a phone and airtime so that informers can let us know of any poaching activity in their village
  • $100 will go towards supporting the reformed poachers program and pay for 1 ex-poacher to learn sustainable new livelihood skills
  • $500 will buy seeds for new trees, and pay for sensitisation around the value of natural woodland in two local villages
  • $2,000 will enable the Kasanka Trust to employ an additional community outreach officer for one year to continue our crucial work