Diversify Income in Our Area

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There is no electricity to support alternative income schemes in the area surrounding Kasanka. This makes any sort of industry here very difficult. However, there is much individual talent. We want to encourage local people to harness their skills to create items we can sell in our shop. This may include small carved items, bags and purses, or larger furniture such as tables, chairs and stools.

Through donating to this scheme, you will be directly assisting one or more people to gain valuable skills and employment. You will also be fostering and encouraging talent, and allowing people to use their creativity to earn an income – definitely a cause worth donating to! If someone is generous enough to fund the entirety / part of this project, the craft centre will be named after them.

What is our plan

  • We envision a workshop which will be open to visitors, at the park gate. Visitors and guests will be able to buy directly from the craftspeople themselves, ask questions and photograph the creative process.

How your donation will help

  • $50 will buy a set of starter tools for a junior carpenter
  • $150 will buy fabric, cotton, buttons and poppers for three tailors
  • $200 will pay for a hand-wheeled sewing machine
  • $500 will pay for a trainer to come up from Lusaka to teach carpentry / sewing skills
  • $1,000 will buy tables, chairs and display units in which the crafts men and women can present their work
  • $5,000 will build the workshop and attached ablution facility at the park gate
  • $10,000 will fund the project in its entirety.


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