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Thank you all for your kind and very generous donations towards our snared elephants. The vet flew out, darted one adult, removed the snare and treated the wound. Unfortunately it was too late for the youngster, who had died. The third elephant could not be located. It is a great victory that we managed to de-snare one elephant, and we are very grateful for your donations which enabled us to do so!


Snaring is a cruel and indiscriminate way of poaching wild animals. Every day in protected areas in Africa, illegal snaring is taking place.  Wire snares are placed between trees at head or flank height and can capture animals around the trunk, neck or legs.

At Kasanka National Park in northern Zambia, three young elephant in one herd have been caught in poachers’ snares. The elephant were first spotted earlier this week and since then, Kasanka scouts have been tracking the herd. One young elephant calf is particularly badly injured, with the snare having cut off blood flow to her foot, causing it to swell. She can now no longer walk on the foot and is limping painfully on her knuckle, which has worn down to flesh. If she is not helped in the next few days she will certainly die. The other two elephants are larger, and have leg snares as well. These must be removed quickly before they start to cut into the flesh.

Removing snares from elephants in a herd is dangerous, and requires trained experts to tranquillise the animal, remove the snare and treat the wound.

The Kasanka Trust is urgently seeking your assistance to raise funds to fly a vet into the park to save our three injured elephant.  Your donation will help to cover the costs of flying the vet to Kasanka, tranquilliser drugs and antibiotics for each elephant.

It will take up to a week for us to locate, follow, and individually tranquillise each animal, remove the snare and administer treatment.

Donations are desperately sought to help cover the costs of this lifesaving work. We are hoping to go over our target to make sure that we can cover any unforeseen expenses that might occur. All remaining funds following this rescue will be kept aside and put toward any future operations of a similar nature.

Please make an urgent donation to help us to save the Kasanka elephant – there is still time, if we act now!

Your donation will be put towards the cost of the elephant rescue at Kasanka National Park

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