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Leah Mwamba is 18 and left high school last year, completing Grade 12 with flying colours! Leah is currently living at home with her family helping out on the farm at Mpulumba (about 5 km from the Kasanka main gate). Leah’s aim is to become a medical doctor, however she will need sponsorship to achieve her goal. This goal is pretty much unattainable for most Zambian people living in rural areas.

UPDATE 01/04/2018

Leah has completed her first year of a Registered Nursing Diploma at Eden University, Lusaka. This is a three year diploma which she started in January 2017, and she will complete in December 2019.  This will put her in a good position to continue with her dream to become a doctor! She did very well in her first year, with marks ranging from 66% to 89%, and she attained an average of 80%! The USD $2,700 that has been generously donated has covered her first years tuition (USD $2,278), and the remainder has contributed to her second years tuition (USD $2,278). To complete her diploma, Leah needs USD $3,900. She will then be a qualified nurse! If she can raise her targeted USD $13,500, she can upgrade to become a doctor!

What Leah needs

  • To complete her Nursing Diploma ZMK 39,000, which is equivalent to USD $3,900.
  • To upgrade and become a junior doctor ZMK 135,000 (USD $13,500).

How your donation will help

  • Sponsoring Leah will literally change her life and those around her – and may well change yours.
  • Improve health care and access to health care professionals in Zambia.
  • She will write monthly updates to any individual or organisation kind enough to sponsor her.
  • Please do something amazing today!