Upgrade Solar Electricity System

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Kasanka National Park does not have a grid electricity, so it relies 100% on solar power. The solar electricity system is operating at its maximum capacity now, and is in desperate need of an upgrade/extension to ensure it can continue to meet the needs of the park in the future.

We would like to invest in more solar panels, batteries and inverters so that we can increase our power capabilities and not rely on our generator during the busy season.  Kasanka gets so much sun – we estimate another twenty panels and increased battery power will enable us to operate fully, in addition to installing lighting in staff accommodation.

Donors to this important project will be acknowledged by a plaque in the reception area at Wasa Lodge.

What do we need

  • 20 new solar panels
  • New batteries and inverters

How will your donation help

  • $1,000 will buy 2 large solar panels
  • $2,000 will buy 3 batteries
  • $15,000 will pay for the project in its entirety