Upgrade Staff Accommodation

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Many of the park staff live onsite, this include the guards who keep an eye on the park and warn of poachers or fires, as well as the staff who build and maintain structures such as the roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

Much of the staff accommodation is in desperate need of an upgrade – accommodation is cramped, washing facilities neglected and there is no lighting in staff rooms. We intend to build dormitory-style accommodation for our male staff (consisting of three ten roomed buildings with two people to a room, shared toilet and washing facilities) and a new house for our female staff.  This is a big project which will require a generous donation.  We can promise that the sponsor(s) of this project will make the staff at Kasanka National Park very happy indeed!  We will erect plaques on all buildings funded by sponsors to ensure that their generosity is remembered.

What is our plan

  • To build 3 dormitory-style houses (consisting of 10 rooms each) for our male staff
  • To build a new house for our female staff

How can your donation help

  • $50 will buy a new bed frame and mattress for 1 person
  • $100 will pay for the roof for 1 building
  • $1,000 will build 1 dormitory
  • $8,000 will cover the cost of all building works, including solar lighting for the rooms