Research Opportunities at Kasanka

Kasanka Trust welcomes research projects in Kasanka and a number of groups have already carried out studies.

Please see current studies below. If you would like to conduct your own research and you have a topic in mind - please fill out an application for review.



Kasanka Baboon Project

The mission of the Kasanka Baboon Project is to creeate a long-term field site dedicated to the study of the little known kinda baboon whilst providing capacity building inscience education in the surrounding communities as well as promoting empowerment to young women and public awareness of wildlife conservation.


Research Proposal Application

Before submitting your proposal, please keep in mind that anyone who wants to come to undertake research at Kasanka needs to be very self sufficient. Your budget should therefore take into account costs associated with Kasanka’s assistance – such as accommodation, transport, whether you will need a guard/scout etc.

First Name
Last Name
Date of birth
Country of residence
Your intended topic of research
Associated Organisation / Institution
Proposed Length of stay
Your budget?
Do you have transport?
How is the proposed project relevant to Kasanka / Lavushi Manda National Park?
How will Kasanka / Lavushi Manda benefit from this research?
When can the Kasanka Trust expect to receive the research / thesis?
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