Adam’s Atlantic Expedition to Raise Money for Kasanka

Adam’s Atlantic expedition to save Zambia’s rarest species

Adam’s cross Atlantic challenge

Adam set out from Canary Islands to sail across the Atlantic on Friday 8th December on a 41foot sailing boat, FORTINO. Despite heavy seas, and sea sickness, they made great progress and arrived in the Cape Verde islands in under a week. They have had a few days rest and today they continue straight across the Atlantic to Barbados.

Twenty-five years ago, Adam was flying a small aeroplane conducting a wildlife survey of the remote Luano valley in Zambia.  Vortex effects caused his plane to stall and crash. Adam had a broken back and was lying on the wing in the middle of the bush for three days and two nights. Finally he was rescued.  Adam spent a year in hospital, lucky to be alive and facing the prospect of never walking again. Adam however, had other plans and soon discharged himself and was even able to walk down the aisle on his wedding day! 

He is now facing a real test of his physical endurance and mental stamina for the cross Atlantic challenge. He wants to use the challenge to raise funds for a cause he has worked tirelessly for – conservation of the African wild in its many forms. I am asking you to support Adam in his challenge by supporting the Kasanka Trust. The Kasanka Trust manages two small but biodiversity-rich national parks in the north of Zambia. It sustains itself directly from tourism and donations, but funding is a constant struggle for a small conservation organisation. The Kasanka Trust is hugely important to the conservation of some incredible environmental diversity as well as some important threatened species such as elephant, sitatunga, puku and various vulture species. The Kasanka National Park also hosts the southern terminus of the largest mammal migration on earth – of an estimated 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats. At the same time the Trust supports health, education and livelihood programmes for the local populations that co-exist with the parks and their fauna and flora.

Please note that Adam is funding his Atlantic trip himself. Every penny raised will go straight to the Kasanka Trust.

Our dear friend Fergus Thompson, who loves Kasanka and is committed to conservation, has put together a Just Giving page which is now live and donations are already being made.

Adam would be very grateful if you could share the Just Giving Page with your friends – especially those that are interested in conservation – and donate.


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