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our mission

Kasanka Trust works in 33 government schools surrounding the park, each of which have a Conservation Club (Chongololo and Chipembere clubs). This is part of a nation-wide scheme developed by the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society

Kasanka Conservation Centre is located 1km from the main gate and boasts a well-stocked Kasanka Natural History Museum. The Trust’s environmental education programme is concentrated here and hosts students and visitors. 

Kasanka Trust supports the conservation clubs in the Chitambo Chiefdom, trains the club mentors, provides resources, organizes  activities, brings groups to see the bats in the park and takes students on game drives to nurture the understanding as to why conserving wildlife is important. 

Student membership participation in Chongololo and Chipembele clubs has reached 1,260 pupils and continues to expand.

Sponsoring a childs’ education will literally change their life and those around theirs – and may well change yours. It also helps improve health care and access to health care professionals in Zambia.

Kasanka Environmental Education

“If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, let us allow them to love the Earth before we ask them to save it.” 

David Sobel

what is needed

*needs based on the 2020 budget and according to gaps in donor funding already secured – Updated in March 2020

Environmental Education Officer Motorbike

Conservation Club resources
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Kasanka Environmental Education