community development

our mission

Kasanka Trust is aiming at

  • the Establishment of Community Forest Management Areas around Kasanka National Park in response to encroachment
  • developing and supporting livelihoods in partnership with COMACO, our partner and local market supplier
  • Conservation agriculture

Agriculture is the biggest livelihood around Kasanka and the most important source of income for most communities. We and our partner COMACO need to boost the number of bee-hives for bee keepers, and the number of farmers we are providing training and inputs to. Most importantly, we need to ensure a reliable and fair market for people around the park to sell their goods (seeds, groundnuts, honey and rice).

To diversify income in the area we also envision a workshop which will be open to visitors, at the park gate. Visitors and guests will be able to buy directly from the craftspeople themselves, ask questions and photograph the creative process.

what is needed

  • 6000 beehives
  • Farmers with 5-10 beehives each (extension, gun surrendering, training, supervision, honey marketing)
  • Seed and inputs for farmers of rice, maize, groundnuts and soya beans
  • A set of starter tools for a junior carpenter, fabric, cotton, buttons and poppers for three tailors, hand-wheeled sewing machine
  • A trainer to teach carpentry / sewing skills
  • A workshop and attached ablution facility at the park gate
  • Tables, chairs and display units in which the crafts men and women can present their work
  • 1 Community Extension Officer (salary, equipment, training, operation, supervision)
  • Motorbike and fuel for the Extension Officer