Operations and Infrastructure

our mission

Kasanka National Park is always in the need of new or upgraded infrastructures and for funds to facilitate daily operations. For example, we do not have grid electricity, so we rely entirely on solar power. The solar electricity at the Kasanka Conservation Centre is extremely old and not sufficient. It is in desperate need of an upgrade to ensure it can continue to meet the needs of the community work in the future.

Donors to this important project will be acknowledged by a plaque in the main building at the Kasanka Conservation Centre. 

For daily operations, we need to improve the state of our roads and access points, and to facilitate transport for our staff. In order to ensure our parallel projects are lead effectively, we need to implement crucial surveys.


what is needed

*needs based on the 2020 budget and according to gaps in donor funding already secured – Updated in March 2020

New solar system for the Kasanka Conservation Centre


New plumbing for the Kasanka Conservation Centre


New mower to keep roads visible and accessible


New dam-scoop for road maintenance


Foot bridges for law enforcement access


Update all in-park signage


Roads maintenance ($25/km for 200km)


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