Game viewing

What wildlife can you expect to find in Kasanka?

The sitatunga and the puku

Game drives and walks around Kasanka National Park give you an excellent chance of finding and photographing 2 of Africa’s rarer and less common antelope, namely, the sitatunga and the puku. The puku especially are incredibly abundant and Kasanka is without doubt, the best place to chance upon the shy sitatunga and offers visitors the best chance of getting quality photographs of these usually highly secretive antelope.

Best time to view the sitatunga and puku? Both the Sitatunga and the Puku can be found throughout the year although seasonal preferential movements do occur. However, a drive combined with a walk to Fibwe hide or around the Pontoon campsites will likely result in a successful sighting! Our 2015 Sitatunga sighting record currently stands at 23 different individuals in one day!

Puku Research

The Kasanka big boys

Kasanka may not have the Big 5 but tracking down Kasanka’s Big Boys can be just as rewarding if not more challenging! Kasanka is home to small but active populations of hippo, elephant, buffalo, sable and Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest and finding these animals is a real adventure.

Best way to find the Kasanka Big Boys? Game drives and walks are the best way to go about finding the “Kasanka big boys” but be prepared to leave the ‘normal’ routes – particularly for the last 3 on the list (buffalo, sable and Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest) as they can make visitor’s really work for their sighting!

Elephants in Kasanka

The Blue monkey and the Kinda Baboon

The Blue Monkey and the Kinda Baboon – both primates are unique and separate species and both call Kasanka home. Visitors to Kasanka are unlikely to encounter either of these species anywhere else in Southern Africa and therefore Kasanka gives you an excellent opportunity to add 2 new species to your primate list!

Best way to find the Blue Monkey and Kinda Baboon? Both the blue monkey and the Kinda Baboon are best sighted by walking and game drives although time around the Fibwe hide area could well give you an opportunity to sight these special animals. Along with the sitatunga, the bats and the bird species, it is the uniqueness of the wildlife species on offer that makes Kasanka so intriguing.

Blue Monkey

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