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Supporting the Kasanka Trust Campaigns will help our mission in conserving wildlife, securing the future of biodiversity of the national park and to stimulate, as well as sustain the local economy through its mission of “Tourism for Conservation”.

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3rd of October 2020

with Max Brown

Max Brown London Virgin Marathon

4th of October 2020

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Kasanka covid-19 appeal

Kasanka - Wasa Lodge - April 2020 @Corentin Vacheret (1)

Kasanka needs your support more than ever!

With tourism taking a massive hit this year due to the global restrictions on travel, local communities employed by the tourism industry are facing job losses. The threat to Kasanka’s wildlife has increased as local communities turn to poaching as a means of subsistence. Our resource protection programs have allowed elephant and antelope populations to recover over the years, but the current situation is going to endanger the animals and forests we tirelessly work to protect. Effectively managing Kasanka National Park and supporting the surrounding communities is an expensive venture, with one third of our operating budget derived from tourism revenue. The period of the year on which the national park relies the most is the bat season between October and December, but we already fear that this season, we will be operating at a minimum level due to postponements and cancellations.

kasanka conservation projects

Protect Sitatunga

Protect the vulnerable Sitatunga

$1,350 of $10,000 raised
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Donation Total: $10

Help keep the sitatunga off the endangered species list! They are especially vulnerable to snaring in and around wetlands. Your donation will help our scouts to conduct regular and intensive sweeps and to remove likely hundreds of snares lying around the park.


Human Elephant Conflict

Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation

$0 of $50,000 raised
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Donation Total: $10

In a joined effort with the World Land Trust and the Frankfurt Zoological Society, 20 farmers were trained on different strategies on deterring elephants from destroying crop fields. Your donation will help us provide training to, and equip a further 500 farmers.

Diversify Income

Diversify Income – Empowering women

$10 of $10,000 raised
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Donation Total: $10

Through profits generated from Kasamba crafts, women participating in the group are able to supplement existing gaps in household income. When such gaps are filled and households stabilized, families are less likely to partake in risky activities such as charcoal burning, poaching, and illegal fishing. Your donation will allow us to establish a pilot program allowing to provide alternate sources of protein to bushmeat.


Project Brightstart – Maternity Program

$0 of $2,000 raised
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Donation Total: $10

BrightStart’s aim is to get expectant mothers from rural areas into maternity waiting homes to deliver safely in an equipped health facility by a skilled birth attendant. Your donation will allow us to support the program in need of assistance in operations and training, targeting 1000 mothers in the Chitambo district for 2020.