Working within the newly established CFMAs, COMACO will place up to 4,000 beehives in each Chiefdom in 2020, identifying recipients of the beehives through their poacher reform programme.

COMACO have also provided conservation farming training and seed inputs to over 1,000 farmers across the two chiefdoms in 2019, providing alternative livelihood opportunities to communities that are heavily reliant on a rapidly diminishing bank of natural resources.

  • 85 farmers were trained at KCC as lead farmers to help with implementation
  • 23 CFA board members were trained in Community Forest Area Natural Resource Management
  • 22 CFA community members underwent a best practice beekeeping workshop at KCC
  • 20 members of two CRBs in Chitambo and Mpumba were trained in conservation management
  • 5 community members were trained in wood carving and craft making in Livingstone
  • 26 women formed a skills group and have been hand-making and selling jewelery as well as baked goods at the Kasanka check-point
Conservation farming training
Conservation farming training
Beekeeping Workshop at KCC

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