Greenway Appliances donates 15,000 biomass burning stoves!

Green Appliances are the largest distributed clean cook stoves in India, with over 1 million sales in India and other parts of the world. Greenway stoves form modern replacements for traditional stoves delivering 65% fuel savings and 70% smoke reduction while working on all solid biomass fuels, enabling clean cooking for rural households.

Distribution of the 1st supply of Greenway Jumbo Cookstoves at KCC
James Mwanza - Kasanka Community Outreach Manager

KTL’s Community Outreach Programme is currently focused on combatting large scale commercial encroachment and environmental degradation. The threats from encroachment are being tackled using an innovative approach that combines securing local communities land rights, protecting wildlife habitats and providing conservation compatible livelihood opportunities to surrounding communities.

Community Forest Management Areas is an excellent approach allowing local communities to legally demarcate and secure customary land in Zambia. KTL is focusing on five areas, three of which border Kasanka National Park and two bordering Lavushi Manda National Park. Together, these five areas cover 47,500 hectares of intact forests, floodplains and grasslands. Protecting these forests is critical for preserving the ecological integrity of both national parks. In addition, the protection of these forests will prevent the release by deforestation of nearly 7 million tons of carbon.

KTL has partnered with Greenway Appliances to distribute 15,000 fuel efficient cookstoves they have very generously offered to supply to communities in the Chitambo and Mpumba Chiefdoms. These cookstoves will help to reduce fuelwood consumption and deforestation inside the five Community Forest Management Areas. This in-kind donation is valued at $600,000. We cannot thank Greenway Appliances enough for their generosity and for helping shape a positive future for Kasanka National Park and Kafinda Game Management Area!

The community members came in big numbers to the Kasanka Conservation Centre upon hearing of the arrival of the jumbo cookstoves, lining up as early as 06.00am. The initial supply has been distributed to 400 elderly house-holds and to vulnerable single mothers in the Chitambo Chiefdom. The remaining distributions will be carried out in the weeks to come.

The transport of the stoves from Lusaka to Kasanka do represent a significant cost, all donations to support us in completing this important project in a timely manner are very welcome. We thank our partner COMACO for providing driver and truck to bring up the 1st load of stoves from Lusaka.

Neha Juneja – Co-Founder and CEO of Greenway Appliances 

Neha is recognized as one of the most powerful business women in India, but it did not happen over night. Discover the journey of this determined woman and beautiful soul, leaving her comfort zone to understand her fellow-kind and their living conditions, learning to “see the unseen”! 

Neha explains that the thought was to start with the development of a clean biomass burning cookstove that would replace polluting chulhas in India. “We started this company with the mission of developing everyday products that could improve quality of life for the average Indian” she says.

She is now bringing her generosity, entrepreneurship and wit to Africa to help reduce the environmental impact coming from the use of regular stoves.

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