Bats vs Coronavirus!

The new coronavirus COVID-19 that has been labelled by the World Health Organisation as a global pandemic, is thought to have originated in the Huanan seafood market (China) through close interaction or interference between people and animals. The origin and mechanism of transferal of COVID-19 is currently unknown. The infection has since been spread from person to person. 

Bats are known to host a number of viruses closely related to COVID-19, but generally these viruses are not transferable to humans. On the rare occasion that viruses are transferred from bats to humans, it occurs when people come into very close contact with the animal – i.e. during their handling, killing, preparation and eating. Viewing the annual migration of up to 10 million straw- coloured fruits bats at Kasanka National Park will not put guests at risk of capturing COVID-19 from bats. 

The Kasanka Management Team

The Truth About Bats!

Produced by Emily Stanford

Bats are some of the world’s most misunderstood mammals. Despite the direct benefits bats bring to society (by pollinating plants, dispersing seeds, and controlling pest populations) bats are often villainized in myths.

Emily Stanford went on a year-long global expedition to explore how different cultures perceive bats and how these perceptions ultimately impact bat’s survival.

The Truth About Bats

The documentary will be shown at the 2020 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival! 

"The world needs a video like this so badly right now."

"It is a fantastic length to allow for great information without bombarding a non-scientist with too much."

"Remarkable work. You deserve
to be proud!"


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