Latest Kasanka Team News!

Kasanka was sad to announce the departure of Becky and Rhys, Kasanka’s Administrator and Operations Manager. They recently welcomed to the world their beautiful baby girl Roseanne, and decided to pursue other ventures. They are dearly missed.

A big thank you to Angela Stavrou, for helping the 2019 Bat Season be a true success, for her kindness & dedication as seasonal Tourism manager. Her outstanding talent in photography has gifted us with beautiful bat portraits, magical landscapes and wildlife scenes. 

Over the past 6 months we happily welcomed new team members: David Phiri – Conservation Officer, Christelle Mallants – Fundraising, Marketing & Communications Officer, Nyambe Kalaluka – Community Tourism & Environmental Education Officer and Corentin Vacheret – Administration & Finance Officer.

We are eternally grateful to our most recent volunteers, Sophie Bagot Jewitt – Tourism volunteer during the last bat season and to Heidi Hetzel – Peace Corps Community Outreach volunteer, for their incredible passion and dedication. Thank you for everything, missing you already!

Welcome to: 

Dries Van de Loock, biologist from Belgium, who will be focusing the next 4 months on training KNP guides and scouts in identifying birds and their calls, as well as helping out with some GIS projects. 

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